Model : HMFmm-98-40 / HMFMR-98-40

1. Summary

Passengers require seamless broadcasting services not only in daylight but also underground or in a tunnel. HMFMM-98-40 & HMFMR-98-40 are FM Repeaters which provide repeating FM broadcast service in the places where FM broadcast doesn’t work by applying active digital filters and amplifying each radio frequency. They have built-in Emergency Broadcast functions for situations such as a national disaster. We designed the system to minimize loss by using RCX cables or Antennas for lines among devices.

2. Features & Functions

  • -FM Emergency Broadcast
  • -Filtering & Amplification of exterior signal
  • -RU repeats received optical signal in tunnel after converting & amplifying
  • -Remote System Control & Observation
  • -Built-in FM Broadcast Monitoring System
  • -Guarantees Repeating Service by the redundant mechanism
  • -Applied active digital filter

3. Appearance