Model : HME-LAMP

1. Summary

There are many RF reduction causes in tunnels. HME-LAMP boosts up the RF signals which weaken in the tunnel and RCX, LCX cables. It provides seamless communication service between a base station and a mobile station (an engineer). It has a built-in Automatic By-Pass function to minimize all kinds of risks in the emergency situations. It amplifies various frequencies from FM band to TRS band to provide a composite Line Repeater Solution.

2. Features & Functions

  • -Amplification for each RF signal such as FM Radio (88~108MHz), VHF Station communication (146~174MHz), Fire Communication /Train Protection (440~470MHz), Ground-wave DMB(174~214MHz), TRS(800~900MHz)
  • -Appropriate Solution for train environment which has various types of communication, offering compatibility for Digital TRS Repeater & other repeaters
  • -Applying for NMS, and Observing & control function at the end of the RCX cable by interlocking with LD
  • -Built-in Automatic By-PASS function

3. Appearance

4. Standard

Parameter Standard
Frequency FM Radio 88 ~ 108 MHz
Station Communication (VHF) 146 ~ 174 MHz
Ground-Wave DMB 174 ~ 214 MHz(option)
Fire Communication/Train Protection 440 ~ 470 MHz
TRS 800 ~ 900 MHz(option)
Gain   FWD REV
FM Radio 30dB -
Station Communication (VHF) 30dB 30dB
Ground-Wave DMB - -
Fire Communication/Train Protection 30dBn -
TRS - -
Pass Band Ripple 30dB p-p
V.S.W.R 1:1.5
*The above values of the parameters can be subject to change for the purpose of device improvement.