Model : HMVM-150-20

1. Summary

HMVM is installed at the station to communicate between a control center and a train through 4W E&M or TCP/IP. It is capable of having a number of remote users such as Control Console and Remote Controller. It provides an effective, stable communication environment in the tunnel through the system, combining Base Station, Line Distributor, MU, Dual PSU and BATTERY

2. Features & Functions

  • -Designed to be possible to add an extra unit for switchovers when a unit breaks down
  • -LED Display-easy to recognize alarms & main status
  • -Control Repeater & I/O signal level
  • -CASCADE connection method ensures high reliability
  • -Optical connection with RU makes minimizes transmission loss
  • -Being able to work with a battery for emergencies in a blackout situation
  • -Consisting of main- & sub-Power supply

3. Appearance

4. Standard

Parameter Standard
VHF Transceiver Satisfied Std. KRS CM 0005-06
VHF Receiver Satisfied Std. KRS CM 0006-06
Power Input Voltage : AC 220V±10%
Output Voltage : DC 13.8V±10%(Changeable)
Output Current Capacity: 20A or higher
Wired-Wireless Combiner Wireless combiner Transmission level: -4 dBm±10dB ( flexible )
Wired → wireless
MIC Input Level: 0 → -30dBm( flexible by ATT )
Output Impedance: 600Ωf
SINAD : 40dB or higher
Distortion Rate : Less than 5%
Detection for Breakdown : An interruption to the Power Supply, RF OUTPUT Breakdown
Optical Transmission Wavelength : M 1,300 ~ 1,320nm, 1,540 ~ 1,560nm
Optical output : 3dBo(±30%)
Band With : 100 MHz ~ 200 MHz
*The above values of the parameters can be subject to change for the purpose of device improvement.