Model : HM-MCSS / HM-OPC

1. Summary

The Control System of Control Center needs to be more accurate and expeditious on Train Radio System. MCSS is a system for communication among base stations and a trains. You can instantly communicate among all of the stations and trains to use touchscreen, and can be monitored the equipment in the station. Moreover, you can control all of the stations and devices joined to MCSS to take work efficiency

2. Features & Functions (MCSS)

  • -Expeditious selection of a base station and channel control by touch screen
  • -Monitoring combined signals of VHF transceiver & receiver from a base station through SUMMING AMP
  • -Providing NMS for the joined stations & devices
  • -Display transmission/receiving level for each purpose
  • -Optimized GUI for Control

3. Features & Functions (OPC)

  • -Consisting of dualized main part / Built-in Auto-recovery Solution
  • -TEST UNIT for maintenance
  • -LED Display design is easy for recognizing alarms & main status
  • -Easy handling by modular typed detachable unit
  • -Controlling I/O signal level & Setting Repeater
  • -Transceiving on the Control Console by interlocking with Train-radio transceiver
  • -Receiving signals from monitoring receiver on the Control Console by consisting of monitoring line

4. Appearance

5. Standard (MCSS)

  • -Number of Basement Connection : 24
  • -Receiving Voice Output : 20W or higher (with 8Ω) can be Linear controlled
  • -Voice Frequency Range: 300~3,400Hz
  • -Line Impedance : 600Ω
  • -Line Output Level : 0dBm±3dB
  • -SINAD : 40dB or higher

6. Standard (OPC)

  • -Voice Frequency Range: 300~3,400Hz
  • -Line Output Level : 0dBm±3dB
  • -SINAD : 400dB or higher
  • -Distortion: 5% or below
  • -Temperature: -10℃~50℃
*The above values of the parameters can be subject to change for the purpose of device improvement.