Model : HMRCA-150

1. Summary

It is supplied to communicate among base stations and other remote site stations. HMRCA-150 can connect up to 4 base station(MU) at the most. Users are able to control various works such as Voice Call, Channel Switching and Observation, etc. from the remote site station.

2. Features & Functions

  • -Built-in dualized controller and speaker
  • -Strong, alternative and connector-typed MicroPhone
  • -Designed in order to transmit Remote PTT, Channel Switching, Voice Call signal and Wireless Receiver signal, etc. by using solid line & DTS line
  • -Built-in Line multiplier which can synthesize a wired line of 600Ω
  • -Built-in Channel Display & Speaker, VOLUME, Level Meter, Transceiver Display Lamp
  • -Controlling 4 Master Units at most
  • -Built-in Combined Recording Output port

3. Appearance

4. Standard

  • -Control signaling type : TONE REMOTE, E/M, Ethernet
  • -Voice Transceiving 4 way, Voice Receiving 4 way, Recording 1 way
  • -Impedance : 600 Ω
  • -Output Audio Power : 0dBm ±5dB
  • -Output Impedance and Power : 4Ω, 2W or higher
  • -MIC Input Power : -40dBm(±5 dB)
  • -Power Supply : DC 13.8V ±10%
*The above values of the parameters can be subject to change for the purpose of device improvement.