Model : HME-LD

1. Summary

It’s hard to check the system personally in the tunnels because of running trains. HME-LD is a wireless observation device that you can install at the underground or at the end of the tunnel. It is installed at the end of LCX, RCX so that it can monitor and observe RSSI using radio frequencies. Therefore, yourself or an administrator can check the equipment inside the tunnel at the remote site.

2. Features & Functions

  • -Distribution for each FM Radio (88~108MHz), VHF Station communication (146~174MHz), Fire Communication /Train Protection (440~470MHz), Ground-wave DMB(174~214MHz), TRS(800~900MHz)
  • -Appropriate Solution for train environment which has various types of communication, offering compatibility for Digital TRS Repeater & other repeaters
  • -Applying for NMS, and Observing & control function in tunnel by interlocking with BDA

3. Appearance

4. Standard

Parameter Standard
Frequency FM Radio 88 ~ 108 MHz
Station Communication (VHF) 146 ~ 174 MHz
Ground-Wave DMB 174 ~ 214 MHz(option)
Fire Communication/Train Protection 440 ~ 470 MHz
TRS 800 ~ 900 MHz(option)
Power AC 220V
RF Input Socket N type Female Matching 50 Ohm
RF Output Socket N type Female Matching 50 Ohm
LED RUN : Green / Alarm : Red
Size 350 * 250 * 120
*The above values of the parameters can be subject to change for the purpose of device improvement.